Anthony Kimata

Director of Photography

Anthony Kimata is a Los Angeles based cinematographer with a keen eye for storytelling coupled with imagery. He has worked on a multitude of formats, Television shows such as Netflix’s: Nicky Jam, El Ganador, Music Videos for artists such as Chris Brown, Cardi B, Migos, Kanye west, Drake and Tony Braxton to name a few with a combined viewership in the billions on youtube, as well as commercials. Born in the suburbs of Nairobi Kenya, he grew up in a place and at a time where art held no traction as a career. In his childhood years he participated in theater classes and school plays where he soon discovered his preference for storytelling without the lime light. Upon moving to Britain and again in California high schools, he participated in back stage/stagehand extra curricular activities. The magic of infinite possibilities struck a cord since this is where he learned to use lighting to motivate the audiences attention. Upon leaving high school, he worked the traditional carrier paths encouraged by culture and family all in the pursuit of attaining financial capital to support his love for story telling. in 2012 he left behind the toil of a job in full pursuit of cinematography as his career.